The icons above are just some of the activities a Boruit band head lamp comes in useful for.

There are any number of other outdoors activities we could list, such as Caving, Hunting, Running, and plenty more we haven’t heard or thought of.

So much for play – these headlamps are also useful for work. E.g., lots of shift-work, farm-work, bush-work …

They’re also useful around the house – beavering into a dark cranny, exploring obscure cupboards, taking computers to bits, replacing light bulbs.

To sum it up, they’re versatile because

  • they give off powerful beams, from 5000 Lumens to 8000 Lumens. The 5000 Lumen headlamps have a reach of more than 250 metres.
  • they come with rechargeable batteries with the stamina of at least 4200 mAh.
  • they have three lamps and four modes – main light, two side lights, all lights, and strobe – suitable for almost any situation.
  • they feature a swivelling main lamp whcih rotates through 90 deg.